Customizing Fabrics for Fashion and Interior Design

Customizing fabric is a skill that gives common fabrics an extraordinary appeal. A considerably bland fabric can now be transformed along with just a little bit of paint and or even accessories. Even if your style is more within the conservative side, having an item customized can add an unique twist to your style. Creating stunning patterns for fabric painting can be the vital element in producing your designs pop. If you’re ready to check out more info about Mammoth Imaging look at our web-page.

Whether its clothing for men, women, children or your pet poodle, you are free to develop beautiful designs on your fabrics from your comfort of your home. Should you require a larger amount of fabric and wish to have a consistent design with a professional repeat design then having your project digitally imprinted would be the way to go.


In customizing your fabrics for clothing, make use of specific paints for fabric. Select colors that suit your personality, style, tastes etc . Avoid using shades that conflict with your skin tones but would rather harmonize with it. You may start from scratch with a plain bit of fabric or you may highlight and embellish a fabric you curently have. Practice on an old garment or even a fabric swatch to get a feel for your look you have in mind. Add metallic paints or even iron on jewels round the neckline. Consider outlining floral images with a dimensional paint to emphasize the design.

Interior Fabric

Customizing materials for interiors can add a particular taste to any room in the house. A simple splash of color on throw soft cushions or a custom painted swag above a tab top drape may be only the extra spice your family room required. Painting a swatch of material that coordinates with the pillow and swag and then having that sample digitally printed-on-demand can be the best design solution for your dining chairs and even your upholstered sofa.

Follow this idea throughout the house to create custom duvets for your bedrooms with coordinating dirt ruffles and drapes. Not only are these claims such an incredibly rewarding feat, however it is one that you can be proud of; specifically if you involve your kids and allow them to design patterns for fabric painting for personal throw pillows.

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